About Us

You put the place, we magic!

Pergolas Artesanas is a company with extend experience dedicated to production and commercialisation of complement for your garden.

We create solutions thanks to an innovative service and good dedication that permit us to satisfy needs of our clients.

We guarantee the highest quality and the best service in the building process, since production to installation.

We produce in our installations, any kind of rustic roofs, wood houses, beach bar, pergolas and measure cenadores.

In addition, we have an extend range of ceramic products, forge, etc... to make your garden with appropriate personality.

Visit our exhibition in any of our store, we will be glad to attend you.


Reed Roof

Reed Roof

Tile Roof

Techo de Tégola

Heather Roof

Techo de brezo



Terracota Roof

Techo de teja

Wooden Houses

Áticos / Habitaciones de mdera

Tarimas, Barriers and Complements

We are able to build any kind of structure for your home or business.

Big Constructions

No matter scale or difficult of your projects, tell us your dreams and Pergolas Artesanas will make them come true.